Thursday, 29 July 2010

BarryM Buys♥

Just a few bits that I noticed when browsing in boots,  ofcourse pink is the main colour here! I just cant resist anything pink...

♥Nail Paints - Strawberry Ice Cream♥ 
Such a pretty milky pink, I just hopes that this wont take 4 coats like my 17nail polish!! 

♥Nail Paints - Boots Limited Edition♥
A nice purple/dark lilac colour, I think this will look good on my toes. Plus I must admit the shiney gold lid did make me wanna buy it a little more :)

♥Lipgloss Wand - Strawberry Milkshake♥
A little sheer, but gives a nice colour over the lip paint 100 or subtle gloss on it's own. As always it smells yummy :D

♥Lip Paint - 53♥
A super bright pink, I got this to compare to my Elizabeth Arden Lipstick.

Swatches Below:



Chloe said...

wow, what a lipstick!!

Leanne said...

I loveeeee the smell of that lipgloss wand, it's SO yummy! x

*Dainty*Dollymix* said...

WOWSER! That lipstick is absolutely gorgeous & so bright! I cant wait to see this in a FOTD! :)
Gorgeous puchases sweetie

chiconomy said...

Loving the pink - nothing wrong with being drawn to it!


Ulaaa said...

Love all your purchases sweets! I've got the Strawberry icecream nail paint from Barry M and it took me 4 coats to get a good colour! Its so annoying as its such a beautiful colour!