Monday, 25 October 2010


Only twice before have I dabbled in gradual tanning, with DOVE and Johnsons both made me a streaky orange. Since those incidents I haven't tried any others, I was kinda convinced all gradual tanners were rubbish so when Xen Tan sent me theirs to try I'll admit it did sit untouched for a while.

It doesn't have a guide colour so you have to make sure you don't miss any patches and it sinks in super quick. I half expected this to dry my skin out, but it was surprisingly moisturising and smells of yummy vanilla - which I love but some of you might hate it. This does give you a bit of a 'Yes world I do have fake tan on' smell but I tend to be lounging in pj's when I have my tanner on so I don't mind.

The colour is actually really good, a lot darker than I thought it was going to be. Right now it has replaced Xen Tan Deep Bronze Luxe in my tanning routine, this is a great product for touching up my fake tan in between sessions.

I love this!

RRP £23.95
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