Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Grumpy Cow!

... Of course I mean Cowshed's Grumpy cow uplifting body lotion, but I thought that title would grab you better!

Since the end of summer I have become such a body lotion junkie, buying them left right and centre I've lost count how many I have right now. This one stands out for me because of how it feels on my skin, it is a thick lotion but sinks in like water into my skin. It gives a silky soft feeling, and leaves my skin truly hydrated, the only way I can think to describe it is that you get the same clean, moisturised and soft skin that you get after a bath. Do you know what I mean? Your skin feels so soft but also like nothing it on it.

Grumpy Cow is lovely uplifting burst of citrus fruits, I find this is really great to apply in the morning as it helps to perk you up. The blend of essential oils red mandarin (invigorates senses), petitgrain (purifies the mind) and grapefruit are perfect, it doesn't smell artificial at all and it lasts. 

I also love the packaging the pattern on the bottle is really pretty, this has proudly been on display in my room, it's very sleek but pretty at the same time. Obviously it is practical too, and hygienic with cap so you can dispense just enough product, I find tubs horrible having to stick my fingers in to get the product.

Another great quality of the Cowshed range is that it has no:

RRP £16.00 for 300ml
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Renay Shanel said...

The packaging of it so cute :)
Great Post :)