Sunday, 24 October 2010

Eyeko - London Lips Lip Gloss♥

Eyeko sneakily sent me a couple of new products in the post this week, which I was thrilled about as I love them both lots! First up is the London Lips in the colour SOHO. Sadly the picture does not do this justice, it is so much brighter and fierce in real life. My expectations of this were low, I thought a pretty sheer pink but it is so pigmented one of the best glosses I have used in a while. A little goes a long way with this. 

It is sticky but not overtly so, just enough to make it last good time on your lips and considering the pigmentation it doesn't bother me. Unless you really can't stand any sticky glosses, this will be a dream for you.



Siria said...

i love it!!

Pardon, Have you given already the result of your giveaway?
It answers in my blog, thanks

It answers in my blog, thanks


Renay Shanel said...

Ive never tried Eyeko, this looks great! Wonderful Shade :)