Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sunday Session♥

I have seen loads of lovely girls doing a weekly summary post, and they are so much fun to read! So starting today I will be doing my own version on a sunday (here's hoping I don't forget - if I do tweet me!). It is just going to be rambling on about my favourite and dislike's from the week.

♥My friends - This week has seen many up's and down's for my girls, lots of tears but also a lot of smiles too. As I said to one pathetic person this week "I'll fight to the death to protect them, so BACK OFF" they are my world, and I feel very privileged to call them my friends. 
♥Vodka - Need I say more? ;) Nights out have been great this week!
♥Halo Hair Extensions - After 6 amazing months my old hair extensions finally took to the dance floor for their last night on the town before they were put to rest. R.I.P. However my new Halo extensions are a firm favourite now, I have been switching between the human hair straights and synthetic wavy ones, and I never thought I would love synthetic extensions but they are bloody ah-may-zing, they looks just like my own hair no overtly shiny and fake-ness in sight. Review coming this week!
♥Bright Pink Lips - Now you all know I'm a nude lip lover but this week I have strayed over to the in your face pinks that I own, Elizabeth Arden Pink Vibrations, MAC Show Orchid and MAC Pink Nouveau. Looking bad at pictures they look SO much better than nude on me, and they also don't need to be re-applied as much as nudes do which I like, but you do need a mirror to apply unlike with my nudes where I could just slap them on.
♥Wedges - This week I bought a new pair of wedges which make me stand at around 6ft but hell I don't care because they are beautiful and will be worn to death!

This week I have seen so much hate both on-line in the beauty community and in real life. I cannot stand people who think it is ok to put someone else down just because they clearly are unhappy with themselves or their lives. I am the type of person who will defend anyone if someone is being vicious and will happily take them down off their high horse if they think it is alright to get their kicks in that way. Ladies (and gents) you need to stop the bitching and get back to the love, we should be watching each others backs no stabbing each other in them.



Laura @ The Beauty Sanctum said...

Loved this post :)

I also have those wedgies in black and they are THE most comfortable going out shoes i've ever bought hehe! Might pick them up in this colour too :)


MakeupLoveer said...

They are SO comfy I need them in black !!! :)

Lu xxx

mizzworthy said...

Really enjoyed reading this - shame about the bitching, it seems to be a constant feature of the beauty community - best ignored! xxx

Anonymous said...

Cute post. I do like these sessions. lol & The last part of your post was dead on!

Halo Hair Extensions said...

Wow! Thanks for the shout out regarding our extensions! We can't wait to see your review!

Rossaaay said...

Well done for standing up for your friends :) And your wedges are amazing, i would love a pair!

Anonymous said...

great post, wheres the wedges from? x