Friday, 10 June 2011

Get your lashes out ♥

I was a very lucky lady on wednesday as I was kindly offered by the lovely Lucy to get some Jinny Lash extensions applied. Something I had been keen to try for a couple of months, and was more than happy with have them done in the safe hands of Jinny Lash

Before (sorry its so blurry!!)

As you can (barely) see my natural lashes are quite straight and short, they aren't the best I will admit. I wish I was blessed with long luscious lashes like some lucky gals, but lash extensions are the next best thing for me. Before the treatment I did have a few concerns, I'm most of you would. Would it hurt? Will my own lashes be 'pulled' out as the extensions fall out? Would it work? 

It didn't hurt in the slightest, in fact I almost fell asleep, the gentleman that applied my lashes had a feather light touch and worked very quickly. I was assured that although my lashes might appear fine once they are remove it is actually all part of your natural lash cycle so that will be fixed relatively quickly, I am armed with my lash growth serum just in case though. 

As for would it work well I think the pictures below speak for themselves! I cannot believe how fantastic my lashes out, I have what is called a half set so they are very natural. For my first go I didn't want anything too dramatic but I think the difference is remarkable. I cannot stop looking at my lashes in the mirror. It definitely feels weird not applying any mascara, I did purchase the Jinny Lash mascara as well just in case I feel I need a little more pop. On my birthday perhaps!

Overall I am head over heels in love with my lashes, I just wish they were like this naturally! Definitely go pay the girls at Jinny Lash a visit if you are thinking about trying lash extensions, couldn't think of a better place for my first treatment. You can find all the salon info on-line

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Marilou said...

OH WOUAW. That looks fantastic.