Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Will you help me finish my mosaique? ♥

I saw pictures of Clarins Mosaique Summer Bronzing Compact online and I fell in love with the beautiful pattern and packaging. Clarins describe it as an "ultra fine powder that literally melts into the skin ensuring a matte, long-lasting makeup finish. It's mineral pigments combine perfectly to deliver a natural, perfectly even tanned look. Clever soft focus pigments gives skin a radiant glow that conceals fine lines, whilst feather light oils and Vitamin E keep skin fresh and even and natural mineral filters provide UV protection. The powder is suitable for all skin types, even the driest of skins, thanks to the presence of an emollient oil and Vitamin E. Natural SPF 10 sun protection , provided by mineral filters, protects the skin from UV rays".

I was surprised how large the compact actually is, with a lovely mirror inside as well, it's something you wouldn't mind whipping it out to touch up your makeup. Unlike some compacts it feels very well made and sturdy, I've traveled with this and no damage to report it definitely withstands my brashness in throwing thing in my handbags.

This bronzer is easily my most used right now, it is everything I want a bronzer to be and beats every other bronzer I have. The texture is creamy and smooth, it blends perfectly into my skin and leaves a natural bronzed finish. The mixture of pink, brown and gold tones means your skin is left with a post-holiday glow.. even if you haven't been away this allows you to fake it.


Georgina said...

The description alone sells it to me! The packaging and design are just added extras! xx

Carla said...

Oh my I've been eyeing this product for a while now and everyone's been saying how lovely it is and now I really want to buy it!