Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Island Oasis ♥

Estee Lauders summer collections always go down with me, especially the blusher and eyeshadow palettes, I still have their blusher from 2 years ago! Fantastic quality! This years eyeshadow palette, Bronze Goddess Island Oasis, was just as impressive, a lovely range of mainly neutral shades but with a pop of bright blue. 

The quality is as you would expect with EL, rich in pigmentation and easy to blend out. EL shadows are almost creamy they are so finely milled.

Would anyone want to see a tutorial using this? What colours?

If you like this then I suggest grabbing it before it goes online, £31,


*Zoe* said...

I do love this palette. The flash of blue makes it a bit different from other palettes out there at the moment.
I'd love to see a tutorial using the blue x

Aisling said...

I love this, a friend got it for my birthday 2 years ago and I still have it! Although I don't use it everyday, I probably use it about once a week to brighten up my makeup. The colours just remind me of summer! x