Saturday, 18 June 2011

Today I don't feel like doing anything ♥

The title says it all, today is another lazy day in MrA's house, as I type the whole family is comfy & cosy of the sofa watching tv and scoffing pudding. However I chose a healthier option instead of chocolate deserts, I went for my much loved coconut yogurt, I need to go to rehab for this stuff I am far too addicted!

I also sneaked in a quick snap of my bracelets colourful, sparkly and  lots of stacking, my favourite way to wear bracelets atm. Lately I've been opting to wear bracelets, instead of earrings and necklaces it looks more paired down and simple which I like. Does that make sense?

Also I wanted to ask whether I should start doing OOTD posts again? Did you like them before let me know in the comments :)


Emma said...

Your hair looks fab here, are these the halo extensions? xxx

SophieBelle said...

Aww, you look beautiful in these pictures. :) Today, also for me is a lazy day.. haha! <3 Yes please more OOTD. Love xxxx

CJ said...
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