Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Tresemme & VO5 my hero's! ♥

These three hair products have become staples in my hair routine, best of all you can find them in your local supermarket for about £5 each! Tresemme new volumising dry shampoo does everything you would expect a dry shampoo to do except this little bottle will also give you an extra boost of volume. Tresemme's dry shampoos also ensure your hair doesn't feel horrible and dry like most dry shampoos on the market. 

Next up was also a new launch from Tresemme, the salon sleek straightening spray with argan oil, which basically really conditions your hair whilst also 'training'  your hair to become straighter and sleeker with continued use. 

Now this is my favourite out of the three and is the products im crediting at saving my hair from needing the chop. Vo5's Miracle Concentrate which again is jumping on the argan oil band wagon, it comes in a handy handbag friendly bottle and it is much more affordable that other oils I had eyed up before. Plus it works, I have been applying a few drops every day through the mid-ends of my hair to give it the hydration and boost of life my hair desperately needs.

I am so happy I bought these, they have transformed my hair. Seriously go check them out if you haven't already! 

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Catherine said...

I love the VO5 Miracle Concentrate too, not tried the Tresemme ones but they sound great :-) x