Monday, 27 June 2011

Sharing my love for Jergens ♥

You may remember I challenged Jergens to keep my skin hydrated throughout winter, and if you saw my results I was pretty darn impressed. So much in-fact Jergens has been the only bottle of body lotion I have finished -ever! How happy am I to be stocked up again in Jergens, my new love has to be the Aloe version it's so refreshing and moisturizing I apply this morning and night to keep my tan and skin looking great. Plus the Aloe version is such a much have for summer, especially if you are a sun lover or are prone to burning it will help to soothe the skin.

Let me know if you have tried Jergens, what did you think?


Jessica French said...

I love Jergens! and they dont test on animals which is a plus :) xo

Kim said...

I've got the Aloe moisturiser and apart from smelling lush, it keeps my skin hydrated and silky soft. Love it! xxx