Friday, 24 June 2011

Chilling in my snuggy ♥

So after another night of no sleep I got my butt outta bed made some breakfast and then played about with some makeup and that can only mean one thine.. blog posts. I'm currently curled up on the sofa blogging away so I have loads of posts to save up for the nest week as it's going to be a busy one, I have no clue when I will have time to sit down.

To do today:
- blog blog blog blog and blog some more
- collect MrA from work in the afternoon
- get hair done
- sort out outfit for Aussie party


Louise said...

ahh babe it sucks that you dont sleep :( however, that means more blog posts yayyy :)

i love your blog :)

Lou xx

Emily said...

get well soon hun... i know how horrible it is to not be able to sleep so i'm really feeling for you. also your eyes look AMAZING here, what are you wearing?

Beauty By Krystal said...

I blog the best when I can't sleep, lol :D