Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Take me to Monaco ♥

The post man dropped the new Sleek Mediterranean Collection through my door this week, the collection launched a few days ago so I thought I'd show you all. I am loving this bright and summer inspired collection, especially the blusher! As usual it's limited edition so do make sure you pick up  the products quickly, as we all know how fast SleekMakeUP collections sell out!  

The Monaco eyeshadow palette is £.49, as with all Sleek palettes the eyeshadows are well pigmented and very easy work with. It is such a fun and colourful palette, perfect for the summer months. This has really inspired me to create a bright summer look, so I will upload that post in a couple days, possibly even a video? 

The Santorini blusher is £4.29 and its such a BRIGHT fuchsia, I was in love when I opened this up such an amazing shade of pink but don't be scared off by how bright it is. You just need to tap the brush into the powder and you get more than even colour for both cheeks. 


Summer Loren said...

I really wanted to get this collection but it's all sold out in the superdrug closest to me (well the one that actually stocks sleek) it looks lovely! xxx

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

the blush is gorgeous! ;D