Monday, 9 April 2012

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

 Clinique launched their Bottom Lash mascara last year, new to the market when it launched, it has been loved by many bloggers and beauty writers a-like. Late last year I attended the launch for this, so I have had this for a fair amount of time, it's safe to say that I've tested this very well. It's one of those products that could have failed and been a waste of money, but surprisingly this little wand is actually rather great. The problem with bigger mascara wands and doing your bottom lashes, is often you can catch the wand around the eye, messing up your makeup or not being able to get right to the root of the lashes. However Clinique saw the gap in the market for a smaller more precise wand, and Bottom Lash was born. The formula is good, I would expect nothing less from Clinique, I found it lasted all day and didn't smudge or run underneath my eyes. It's definitely long wearing and does define the lashes well, no signs of clumps with the wand. You can use this on your upper lashes, it would work well if you wear lash extensions as it is so small it won't catch or pull at the extensions. It is also great for getting the very inner and outer lashes, something again that can be difficult with larger mascara wands.

Available from all Clinique counters & on-line HERE!
Black & Black/Brown £11.00

Have you tried Clinique's Bottom Lash Mascara? What do you think?


Lisa xx said...

I've never seen a bottom lash mascara before, love the idea of this :)

Jackie said...

this looks amazing, I have never heard of a bottom lash mascara. Well, you learn things everyday!

Amy said...

This mascara has been on my wishlist for so long but I've never been sure if it's worth the money! It's nice to know that it doesn't smudge or run too! I might part with £11 now!x

Princess PolkaDot said...

I love love love the Bottom Lash mascars. Enjoying your blog :)