Monday, 30 April 2012

A Few Snaps From A Few Days..

1. Wasn't expecting to be admitted to hospital, so I ended up hooked up to IV medication and on oxygen looking like this. At least I was given a few lovely compliments to brighten an otherwise horrible few days.

2. A gorgeous gift from a gorgeous guy (plus another pair & a stunning pair of topshop boots) very lucky.
3. Firstly excuse my messy back drop I was sorting my room, after getting out of hospital and not sleeping I decided to have a massive clean up AND clear out. So check out my blog sale, lots of fabulous products! I'm also going to be putting a lot of clothes, shoes, accessories and handbags on ebay, should I like my page? Some designer bits going up.
4. Ugh blurred photo, not quite grasped this new instagram editing thing yet but I'll get there! Anyhoo, I am obsessed with these earrings right now, I tweeted this and it seems that you guys are loving spikes too.
5. My face of the day on thursday, I was just leaving the hospital after a small procedure and having met with my consultant to discuss treatment, very positive. I rather love this red on me, I'm keeping quiet for now but you guys will love the product... 
6. On a trip to pick up some of my medications, I took a trip into a clothing store (haul soon) and since I had received 5 compliments on it I thought I would snap it. I couldn't believe how many girls had come up to me in the street to stop me and ask where my shirt & necklace were from, I really put no thought into this outfit, it's standard for me right now. Cardigan: Monsoon, Shirt: Primark, Necklace: Primark & Treggings: Monsoon, I also had my Zara bag the large tote that everyone seems to have, I bought it in red it was the last one in the shop and it was fate.
7. Enjoying wearing bright bandage skirts with really big oversized tshirts half tucked in, it's great when you find new ways to wear clothes, I love the super casual but still stylish look. Plus this blue shade is so pretty. 
8. Admiring my pretty Elegant touch nails, I had them on for 16 days, amazing quality but it's time for a change! Will be reviewing my new nails later this week, imPRESS.
9. My gorgeous Zara bag paired with my lovely new jumper, I love the big yellow flower and love the price even more £10 from ASDA. This has been keeping me very cosy, whilst still making me smile when I look down, this was a OOTD whilst in hospital.
10. Excuse the cleavage that is just, well, there haha. The main reason for this was the fact I love these two New Look pieces, their new oversized tee with cut out shoulder & their pastel blue/turquoise boxy swing cardigan. Both for under £10! When I tweeted this images I got some great comments, I love these paired together as they are so comfy and very easy to wear.

It has been a long time since I posted any weekly update style posts, I'm considering doing something along those lines again once a week and maybe collate my instagram photos/blackberry picture. So many people are doing them right now, so I don't want to be a sheep but since stopping my sunday post last November I have kinda missed it. These are just a few images I took on my playbook and thought I'd share, let me know if you want want to see a weekly photo post in the comment.


TwoSistersOneObsession said...

Would love to see more weekly photo posts! Sorry to hear you've been in hospital again :( love the pics especially no 4,5,6 & 9! You look stunning on pic 5!
Ashlie x

Lindsay Frances said...

How you look so amazing when hooked up to an IV I dont know :-) hope your feeling better now!