Monday, 9 April 2012

Models Own Hed Kandi Collection

Models Own have teamed up with the glamorous clubbing brand Hed Kandi, the new collection is inspired by the part capital of the world - Ibiza! The collection is full of lively vibrant colours, and colourful glitters, they have created three of the brightest shades to be launched by Models Own. I haven't tried many Models Own shades, I am a big fan of their glitter polishes, so this was my first time using their glitter free colours. The formula is going strong no chips to report on day 4, high gloss and it only took two coats to get a complete opaque finish (though you could get away with one).

I chose two shades to try from the collection, the gorgeous neon coral and the multi-coloured glitter, both lovely shades. On the left, Ibiza Mix HK04 and on the right, Hedonist HK05. As much as I wanted to coat all my nails in Ibiza Mix, getting glitter nail polish off is a pain, so I opted for Ibiz Mix on my ring finger and Hedonist on the rest. The end result is perfect so dancing the summer nights away.
RRP £5.00 each at 
Will you be picking up any of the Hed Kandi colours? Let me know your top picks from Models Own, I'd love to hear your thoughts on colours I should check out.


lrmx said...

I love the look of the glittery one! xxx

Amy said...

Love the colour of Hedonist, such a perfect bright summer colour! x

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

Liking both of these!

gigglesandmakeup said...

Ooo i love!

Shoba Anneka said...

oh i love the glittery one! I WANT IT AHH! x

Claire said...

Gorgeous combination, i may have just picked up the entire collection lol