Sunday, 8 April 2012

NSpa Jojoba and White Jasmine Body Lotion

For the last week or so nspa has been taking good care of moisturising my body, I am a sucker for anything with Jasmine in it, so when I received some nspa products to try I opened this up immediately. The formula is light in texture, non greasy and certainly leaves your skin feeling like velvet once it has sunk in. The scent is gorgeous too, like I said anything Jasmine is almost certain to be a hit, I like the freshness of this lotion not too over powering. It's a quick drying lotion which is great, I can apply it morning and night whilst I'm doing the rest of my beauty routine without having to sit there waiting for it to dry. After a week of using I noticed a good improvement to the feel and look of my skin, especially on my legs which is where my skin is driest. I'm testing some other nspa body products, so do expect to hear more about this brand, I'm loving their body range atm (the warming scrub is divine!).

Have you heard of nspa before? Let me know your top product picks in the comments!

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