Sunday, 23 August 2009

some tips ♥

Ive been feeling off & on ill since having swine flu and unless ive been going out for a special reason then my makeup has been very simplified, just trying to brighten the face, so whats the key things to do:

- Use a eye brightening cream, something that will reflect light to the eye to waken it.

- Conceal the inner corners only dont pull it all round the underneath of the eye other wise it will begin to crease

- Lilacs and blues will make the whites brighter in the eyes

- A touch of bronzer will make the skin look sunkissed and less 'ill' as the skin will become dull when your under the weather

- A pink gloss or lipstick will brighten up the face without being too much

If you have any tips to share, leave a comment, i love to learn new tricks :)


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