Friday, 28 August 2009

Lush Soap 1

What Lush say
"The irresistible toffee and honey one. Once you've sniffed it, you've got to have it.
On paper it's difficult to portray the full effect of this honeycomb toffee scented soap. Suffice to say that people who fully intended to walk past a Lush shop find themselves unable to resist its tempting, mouth-watering fragrance. They inhale and say 'Mmmmmm' then they exhale and say 'Ahhhhh' then they pick up a big chunk and join the queue for the till."

So i bought "Honey I Washed the Kids" Soap when i was in scotland as i read and watched countless videos and posts on it, im normally quite reluctant to buy soaps from lush as i tend to just leave them lying around and never really use them. My rockstar as much as i loved the scent i spent £5 on it and only used it once!

This time however ive made an effort to use some every shower and every bath, bascially at any point i can use it.

I love how the smell just fills any room and the hall outside, my mum would know id been using it as the hall outside would smell of a ver sweet honey scent. No one complained of course :) The scent of "Honey i washed the Kids" is a weird one for me, sometimes i smell honey and almost some vanilla and then other times i smell it and its very toffee like and sickling. So its a love hate relationship lol.

Over all its a moisturising soap, that lathers up well and smells sweet.

I would repurchase this however i do want to try the godmother soap next, if you have tried this one let me know, or leave any recommendations that you think i might like !


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ellamarie84 said...

I tried this soap recently and I like it as well! But, my favorite thing I've got from lush so far is called the comforter bubble bar. You basically just crumble it in your bath and it smells so good (like berries and cream) and it creates a ton of bubbles! xox