Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Tag: 5 current obsessions

i was nominated by Carly for this award

The rules with this award are:
1) List 5 current obsessions
2) Pass the award on to 5 fabulous blogs
3) Mention the person who tagged you and post their blog link
4) Post links to the 5 winners and let them know!

My 5 current obsessions are;

♥ Hair extensions, i have such a love hate relationship with these things but at the end of the day i hate my shoulder length hair so i feel 10x better with my long hair :)

♥St moriz = golden tan, i feel so much more confident with my tan i even have the confidence to wear no foundation

♥pinkkkkk my obsession recently has gone into overdrive im buying everything pinkkkkk i

♥ floral boxes, tops, hair pieces, bags, pictures, im loving the floral print thats everywhere atm so chic and girlie

♥Candles, i havent had some for a while but i cant be in my room without a vanilla candle burning atm

1 comment:

Tabitha Sheridan said...

I agree with the floral! brightens up a day xx