Sunday, 16 August 2009

fat cat

since im away i dont have all my makeup with me, and my clinique mascara suddenly dried up and i paced up & down superdrug trying to decide which mascara to go for (very hard) there are soo many and in the end i settled for this because of the packaging && the 25% off the price, i got it for just over a fiver.

i got home and took my makeup off to give it a try and its wonderful, gives me great length just the right amount of volume and my lashes looks natural not clumpy or spidery at all, which is a massive change for me as i normally like that look, it gives the same results but without the clumpy lash look. i am very impressed!

the packaging is a big thumbs up too i lovvvve leopard print , its not the normal plain tubes you get, it stands out it caught my eye from all the rest.

have you tried this? let me know in the comments


Tabitha Sheridan said...

Glad you liked it!
I tried it, and im sorry to say i really hated it, it just didnt give me the volume i like, or length for that matter, but each to their own!! xx

Ditzymakeup said...

Ive been eyeing this up for a while!
Think i might have to try it!

Lucy (: said...

i wish i was you! ha :)
i tried this particular mascara, as seen in my previous blog post, and absolutely hated it!
at first it gave respectable results, with fairly good length, but i soon realized that it has horrible staying power - i was laughing one afternoon when with family, and this product was all over my face, resulting in me having to take all my make up off :(
love your blog, and all your posts :) keep up the good work,
Lots of Love, Lucy xx

Lorien BeautyLove said...

The packaging is so cute! Id just buy it cos its look lovely :) Glad it works well too!

precious smileyy said...

FAT CAT O: I don't care if its good, i want it O:

Beauty Addict said...

I really like this mascara, and the packaging is fab too, like the fat brush! x

benkenz said...

I like you bought it when it came out because of the leopard print!! ;) The brush also reminded me in benefits bad girl! But have to say just thought it was ok!! Not on my favs list though! Glad you liked it though!xx