Friday, 28 August 2009



- loose wavy hair
- my pink birkin
- benefit smokey eyes kit
- bling ring
- packing for uni SO EXCITED
- illamasqua blush veryy pigmented and lush
- the hills


- worrying over student loan
- tanning every other day is annoying
- acrylic nails two ripped off =/
- messy room atm
- arguing with thew boifee
- missing the bestie


Tabitha said...

oooh I wish I had a Birkin!!
they are so gorgeous, but sooo expensive! you are such a lucky girl :)
I would love one in the classic Hermes orange! or classic black of course!

Tabitha Sheridan said...

Love the long flowy hair!
just noticed the first comment has the same name as me! ha xx

Jen said...

I love Rachel Zoe!