Tuesday, 4 August 2009

blog sale 3

This is my 3rd blog sale most of this stuff has never been used so prices are a little bit more, you can only pay through paypal.
I will ship anywhere, £1.50 for UK, £2.50 internationally, per item.
Any questions leave a comment below.
Im trying to raise money so spendspendspend lol :)

All MAC pp e/e £8.00`

Perscriptives Blush/highlighter £14.00

Clinique cream blush stick used once £12.50

Barry M lipsticks, £4 each

Clinique clarifying lotion 2, 100ml £7.50
MAC Selet moisture cover concealer £7.50

MAC powder £13.00 used twice

MAC bronzing powder loose £14.00 used once

Clinique Fresh bloom blushers: Left,Blackberry bloom (used twice) and Right, Camille (used 4-5 times) both LE

:) <3>


Lipglossiping said...
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Anonymous said...
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Hele said...

please can i have the cover girl?


Vikx993 said...

I own 6 of the Covergirl Lash blasts - I adore them, one of the best mascaras I have used :)

Anonymous said...

i'm interestes in the Cover girl mascara in Black and the Barry M lipstick 101 and 129.

In this case, can you tell me how much would it cost me in total? knowing that i'm from Portugal, please tell me 'cause i'm soooo interested in these products.

Márcia João

Nicola said...

Could i please have the mac pallette my paypal is Nicolaarthur99@aol.com