Monday, 24 August 2009

The Body Shop ♥ Soft Hands Kind Hearts hand Cream

Firstly, a really important point about this hand cream is that £3.45 of the £5 it costs goes to charity, this donation will help to fund ECPAT campaigns and prevention projects against child trafficking, abuse and sexual abuse of children in the UK.

To find out more about ECPAT:

The cream sinks straight into the skin, and doesnt leave a tacky feeling some handcreams leave behind. Non-greasy too. I really like the scent of Soft Hands Kind Hearts hand Cream, very fresh and 'organic' you can definately smell the herbal attributes in this.

It moisturises the hand lovely, my hands felt smoother and velvety after using this. Both handcreams i have used from tbs so far have impressed me beyond my expectation. Next i may try the hemp range they offer that seems interesting.

I would repurchase this product, im planning to grab a back up, and i would ask that you all do too it goes to a very good cause.

Another little treat for you guys too:


Valid from today until 28th September 2009

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Volume 17. said...

the hemp hand cream is amazing! i swear by it in the winter cause i get really dry hands. Its just a shame the container is alluminium cause over time it tears, and the hand cream goes everywhere.

so i solved this by getting a sampler jar and just refilling that, plus its much less bulky!xxx

krystle said...

i really want to try this now! i love your blog i have tagged you in my blog check it out &hearts xxx

* Jen * said...

i just got this earlier today. i love it so much, i got two. =D