Wednesday, 5 August 2009

a little note

i just want to say
my names louise margaret dunbar
born 12th june
live in marlow
i wouldnt hide anything


Anonymous said...

is this to do with the whole "elle" and "blair" thing?

i am so shocked about it, yes people dont have to give out their last names or where they live/what school they go to but why lie about first names when your putting your face on youtube?

it is making me mad that they wont admit it either, they have been caught out but they still carry on using their fake names.

it's not like they just wrote my name is elle on their channel and never refered to names in their videos but they even say it out loud many many many times, my sister sister blair...argh so annoying.

it wouldnt suprize me if they got paid for promoting products, they are such good liars.

Anonymous said...

I really dont have a clue what all this elle and blair stuff is about.

Hayley Anderson said...

Lu - that's class. I love that post! And I love how the whole thing has blown up around the beauty blogging community.

Not really sure what my thoughts are on the whole thing - nothing suprises me these days. But I have to agree with "anonymous" if you're face is all over YT why hide your identity.

P.S. I'm Hayley Anderson (used to be Fairhurst but got married!) I'm 27 (DOB - 16/08/09)


Emily said...

I dont have a clue either?! This is the first i have heard about it lol!

Anonymous said...

LMD__its love said...

guys i love you all and have nothing to hide :) ill answer pretty everything wouldnt hide anything lol i cant lie to save myself :L :)

Nicola said...

haha! good one!! :)

Anonymous said...

Is this post really necessary?