Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Did it work? Avene♥

At the moment I'm going through a phase of hunting down every moisturiser I like the sound of to try in my quest to my Holy Grail one, being part of the beauty community there are plenty of reviews and opinions to read and hear about, but when it comes down to skin care I need to try it to believe it.

(sorry for the stock image my camera wouldn't transfer the file over!)

So after having finished my Vinchy moisturiser (which I loved!) & I also got through my Neal's Yard Power berry (not the right one for my skin type), Avene was up next on my list to try after Nicola spoke so highly of the brand. I got a few different products from them, and she was right it is a good brand.

Specifically the Light Moisturising Cream is the one I have been using, for normal to combination skin. It is creamy, and really melts on my finger tips and into my skin quickly. My skin is very hydrated all day, and is soothed, there is something about this specific moisturiser that I actually feel like my skin has been fully moisturised, it feel's... full? As if one little blob of this is enough, sometimes I get the feeling with others that my skin isn't moisturised and I keep getting the urge to apply more.

Now I have an oily t-zone, you should know this by now, and I haven't experienced any issues with greasy/oily skin during the day. Just make sure you pick up the correct formulation for your skin!

The tube packaging is nice, easy to use and means no sticking nasty fingers into a pot. It looks as if it is for sensitive skin, which of course the brand is, so it fits nicely and is in-keeping with the products themselves.

Avene is stocked in Boots, I personally haven't come across this anywhere else. I am also going to be useless as I cannot remember the price of this either guys, sorry!

For anyone who wants a good moisturiser that thoroughly hydrates your skin I would say go for this, and you will not be disappointed.


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