Saturday, 28 August 2010


Recently I have become obsessed with nail polishes, Essie is a new brand to me and I placed an order a couple weeks ago for some to try. Since then I have place two other nail polish orders! I am being enabled.. and we all know who that is *cough*Nicola*cough*. A couple are a bit of a let down, the quality is a tad crappy, I can see them taking 3+ coats to look decent, but that still hasn't stopped me ordering another 5 Essie polishes.

Essie Lilacism 
Essie Pink Parka
Essie Van D'Go

Essie Guchi Muchi Puchi
Essie  Marabou
Essie Mademoiselle

I laughed when I opened up the box and saw that these three look almost the same, the only difference seems to be how they apply. But it's fine as this is the kinda colour that I like to wear.

Right now I have Pink Parka on, excuse the photo but this was taken from hospital! Plus what do you think of my BB cover?? 



Nikki said...

I bought an essie nail polish in Demure Vixen, I'm interested to see what consistency it has if they all seem to be a little different! love the case!!

Harpreet said...

where did you get that bb cover from? i LOVE it!!

3ate4 said...

Love the bottom 3 even though they do look nearly the same!

Gina said...

Where was your BB cover from..if you not mind me asking?..been looking for one for ages..yours is really nice too..gorj nail polish too :)

Anonymous said...

that's one of my absolute favorite colors ever! i wear it all the time.