Friday, 13 August 2010

Misc. buys♥

Today after collecting some more medication, I popped into claire's and New Look, mainly looking for a little zippy purse as lately my big studded one has got on my nerves. Being the typical girly girl I picked out this very pink Hello Kitty purse, I love it!

Then in New Look I got these 3 rings for £3!! Such a great price that I couldn't resist them..

And on a totally different note, I get my car tomorrow!!! eee I haven't had a car for 5 months and after one ickle train ride I shall bring my brum brum up to Lancaster.. because I don't have a picture of the car here is the key for it & such a cute keyring too...

So that's all for now lovelies :)



Francesca said...

Those rings are GORGEOUS! You always buy such cute things! lol

MakeupLoveer said...

I got you the wings ring for you hun :)