Tuesday, 3 August 2010


My outfit.. what I wore...
♥Floral cardigan - Primark
♥Pink tshirt - New Look
♥ Leggings - Topshop

Can I ask a question to all my readers as well, if you follow me on twitter you will know that I seem to have a hater atm who likes to call me all sorts, mostly they call me huge. So my question is, I am a size 14, do you think that is huge? Answers below..

*** UPDATE *** Just because things seem to have been misunderstood, I am 100% totally confident with my body and being a size 14. I just wanted your opinions on body size/image. The people who want to make girls like me feel bad because they have curves are pathetic, and no one should ever listen to silly little people like that.



Olivia said...

You definitely don't look like a size 14! That isn't huge at all though, don't worry. They're obviously just jealous and have nothing better to do with their time. You're gorgeous. People just need to grow up I think! :) xx

*Starsglittermagic* said...

so sad to hear you have a hater =( size 14 isn't big at all and you don't even look like a size 14! it's a shame to hear how close minded people are xx

Charlotte said...

Jeeeez no not at all!!! people can be so mean and its easy for cowards to be so mean due to been able to hide behind a computer scree, i bet they wouldnt dare say it to your face. They need to grow up and get a life, You are stunning and are one of my favourite bloggers xxx

FloralFlow12 said...

Yeah i follow you on twitter and i have noticed this is so horrible i mean a size 14 is avarage isnt :)so dont listen to them :)

nicoletta said...

I cant understand why people do that kind of thing. They must be really sad to find the time to sit and think up horrible comments. You look gorgeous hun and dont let it get to you x

Emma said...

not at all! If 14 is big then the average woman in the UK is big.

Clearly this person is jealous & feels bad about themselves :) x

Jenny ♥ said...

first of all you definitely do not look like a size 14.
secondly, size 14 is definitely not big. its a healthy size. believe me i know plenty of size 8's who would kill to be a size 12/size 14 & have curves.
embrace your curves =)


Dollface said...

Sweetie,I'm so sorry to hear this, forget that loser! They obv have nothing better to be doing with their time. A 14 is NOT big, try not to worry about this person.

Your an absolute stunner!

Anonymous said...

I hate how people have become so brain washed to think we all have to be a size 6 to be attractive.
Remind that twit sending you nasty comments that Marilyn Monroe was a size 16! and shes one of the most photographed women ever!

Don't listen to the fool! xx

Harpreet said...

you dont look like a size 14!!

Lora said...

I'll tell you one thing, you certainly don't look like a 14!!

Put it this way, the average for a woman in the UK is a size 12-14, so you're average! I bet this person is the same size or bigger than you, but looks their size, so they're jealous of how good you look!!

Keep your head up :) xx


Chloe said...

size 14? so what? you look great! you shouldnt let them get to you so much that you start to doubt yourself. you are who you are, no one will change that, alot of people certainly wouldnt want that to change!


Hello Barbie said...

Ohhh, poor you! BOO TO THE HATER!
Like everyone else has said, you totally don't look like a size 14! I'd love to be a 14- all curves and gorgeousness.

You're beautiful just as you are and I totally love your blog :)


Francesca said...

Size 14 is NOT huge! I got between a size 14/16 myself, and there's no shame in that! Girls like us are built the way women were DESIGNED to be built, so don't let anyone put you down for being a curvy girl! <33

Delilah said...

Marilyn Monroe was a size 16. I bet if you asked your hater they would say MM is sexy sexy.

There is a difference between being curvy and looking like a woman and being over weight and unhealthy. I think people who are over weight look unattractive because they are unhealthy but I think girls with curves look beautiful and how women should look.

I think it's interesting that in Africa women who are obese are seen as goddesses because it shows wealth, where as here if you are skinny you are put on a pedestal.

p.s the capcha thing I just had to type in to post my comment was "ming" haha ironiccccc

AimeeMwahh x said...

you dont look a size 14
and 14 is certainly not huge
ignore the haters most of them are just jealous :)

jessica rose said...

I think it depends on your height and shape. 'Perfect' means a lot of different things to lots of different people, so ones person idea of perfect is a size 14 (the average uk size) whereas someone elses may be a size 6. I personally think you look completely healthy and normal and that your shape suits you. People are just jealous so ignore the losers!

elfpixie said...

14 is not huge at all. I find that a curvier/fuller figure looks much more attractive than skin and bone. I'm sure that alot of us would like to be a few dress sizes smaller, but I feel that it's extremely important to be comfortable in your own skin.

It's so sad that people put eachother down like this and make girls insecure about themselves. You are absolutely gorgeous and an amazing role model to msny young girls <3 never let anyone put you down

Joanie said...

you and me look like the exact same size! i think youre beautiful! i have a hard time feeling confident in my body. Ive had comments like 'my face looks good, but my body needs work." But now i have learned to ignore it. I eat healthy now, but i dont go out of my way to lose weight. This is only one reason why i follow your blog/youtube. youre curvy!! :)

ps. marilyn monroe was a size 14!

Francesca said...

Seriously, you have a great figure! Girls need to see more positive influences like you; someone who is completely comfortable in their own skin! And don't let anyone tell you otherwise! <3

xox Francesca


Jade said...

omg your not huge at all ! just ignor peoples silly comments ! im a new follower :) xx