Sunday, 22 August 2010

Summer in a bottle♥

Liz Earle is brand I am loving atm, thanks to QVC for introducing me to the brand! It is a great brand, with products that my skin is loving, this is truly my favourite brand of the moment. So when I sniffed their perfume one day I suddenly fell in love and had to have it!

It is a fresh citrus scent, that then settles down to a lavender with a spicy base. When you first spray the perfume you immediately smell the Orange and Lemon, which give you a buzz of energy and wake you up. Then as it settles into the skin it merges with your body and you get a warm spicy Lavender scent, that is beautiful, but the original citrus scents of Orange and Lemon still stay prominent.

Surprisingly with this perfume it is a refreshing mix of Citrus/Floral but yet still a little musky. My perfume collection is very sweet and floral based, I like warm vanilla and loud floral scents. Until this I had never worn a crisp citrus scent, I never liked the ones I had tried. But this has the right balance between Citrus and Floral that it appeals to me.

This is the only scent that Liz Earle currently do, I would love to see them do a warm but light vanilla based scent, I think that would be great for them. Impressively this perfume is derived from a whopping 98% natural ingredients, with a total of 14 botanical essences too, which means it will create a different scent on everyone and depending on your body it will change on you too.

Like I said before this really does give you a kick start, and this is great to spritz on throughout the day if you feel time dragging and your a little de-motivated. Plus the cute box that it comes with to store it in attracts attention when you pull it out of your purse everyone will want to know what your wearing. I love the glass bottle design too very stylish and classy.

This is a perfect summer scent, and I will have to re-buy when I finish this.

RRP £39.50 for 50ml
You can buy it online HERE


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