Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Nailene Product - will it be a new favourite?♥

  1. Hi guys!

This is another Nailene post, for their give-away HERE, basically you have to write about a Nailene product that you love and why. Instead of talking about a Nailene product that I already love and use, I wanted to buy a couple of new things and then see if I like them. 

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know how much I love the Nailene brand, and I have been using the products for years, I don't use any other brand.

So here begin's my quest for pretty toe nails..

The 'Gentle Glue' and false toe nails! I have never tried this sort of thing on my toes before, but heck isn't this what my blog is for, trying new things?! Before I applied these my mum and gran expressed their dislike over this sort of thing. But I continued in my quest and whipped out the glue.

Quality wise these are the same as the false nails I use on my fingers, with the French tip, I have never had French tips on my toes before, normally I go for one block colour. 

Much like my fingers, my toe nails are very small so I was really pleased to see how small the nails were fitted nicely, and if you need to file them down they include a cute dinky file. 

Now excuse my horrible feet!, I do have a couple of blisters (eww)... 



How did they look? - There is a HUGE change in the appearance from before, I actually love how they look! So pretty, well groomed, and best of all really natural if I saw someone else with them on I would have assumed they are real and not false nails.

I cannot stop looking at my toes, they look amazing and I am so sad that in a few days they are going to have to come off :( 

How do they feel? - A little strange at first, you can definitely feel that you are wearing them but after about half an hour of wearing them it doesn't feel like you have them one. Nearly stubbed one off as they felt so comfy that I forgot I had them one.

Would I wear them again? - Yes, how can I not when they look so pretty, however I think it will be for special days and not every day wear. Things like weddings, parties and holidays. 

Is it a new favourite Nailene product of mine? For sure! :) How can it not be a favourite when  the end result is so natural and so well finished. I have filed them a little shorter since I took the pictures, as they look better filed down.

For both of the products I paid £5.50 a complete bargain I think. Check out the Nailene website HERE



Lauren said...

I love nailene products, but false toenails freak me out a little! With the french tip, I think they look like you've grown your toenails really long! eek! xxx

Lauren Loves...

*Onna's Little Blog* said...

haha this is so weird! I do french tip my toes but I lie to keep them really short - they look goo don you x

Sarah said...

wow I am going to get the toes! I can't ever find nailene petite nails small enough for my hand-nails so these could be good instead x