Thursday, 12 August 2010

A lip gloss love & a lipstick hate♥

Hello Everyone... I am writing this from hospital. Yes I am in again, my kidneys are still causing trouble, and it is about time they pull their fingers out and fix me !! The photos I had already taken, using my BlackBerry which made this a lot easier to do.

This post is about a couple of lip products I have purchased recently, one that I am in love with already, and another that I cannot stand. So hope you like!

♥Lipgloss Love♥

(Excuse the awful pout!)
This is a Clarin's lip gloss, which is a first from me as Clarins isn't a brand I buy from a lot, only a couple of skin care items. However when I saw this colour on-line it looked so vibrant and glossy and i was sold.

I am quite impressed, it isn't very sticky (however it may be sticky to you depending on how you like your lip gloss), it gives great pigmentation for such a light feeling gloss. The shimmer is very fine, so you don't feel anything on your lips and definitely makes my lips look plumper and very glossy.

Packaging - It is very sleek, practical and I am a fan of any lip gloss that you can see the product inside, as this makes it easy to spot when you need a new one.

Staying power - Just your average gloss, nothing amazing but when it does fade it doesn't stain or bleed around your lips. Plus since it smells of yummy vanilla I have no problem at all of re-applying!

This is fast becoming a firm favourite of mine, and when I run out I shall be buying another.

Clarins Summer Fever - 01

♥Lipstick hate♥

This is from the brand Ruby & Millie sold in boots. When I first saw this it was love at first sight, a light bubblegum pink with a subtle glitter shot through. But when I applied? Sheer, patchy and my goodness it felt like sand on my lips the glitter chunks were far to big for my liking. I could have worked with the sheer and slightly patchy finish, perhaps put it over another lipstick. But the chunky glitter was not going to happen, I cannot stand that sort of thing in any lip product.

I will not be buying another, and tbh I'm not sure I will purchase anything from the brand unless I have a £5 off voucher.

Have you tried either of these, what did you think?


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