Sunday, 1 August 2010

MAC Face & Body Foundation♥

This was a foundation that I had wanted to try for a while, but I had never really heard much about it on-line, so about 2 months ago I took the plunge and bought it. Seems like everyone has bought it recently, which back up my thoughts that this is a great foundation.


It is a light coverage, but if you want to get a medium coverage you can apply a little more and you get that medium coverage, it is really easy to build it up on your skin. At first I was worried that it was gonna be like some tinted moisturisers I has tried, and that failed to achieve a good result from, but it has become my new favourite foundation to wear.

My colour is C3 I am normally NW30-35 in MAC terms. I cannot believe that I have gone from using medium-full coverage foundation to a sheer buildable coverage, and I'm loving it. This lasts on my skin most of the day, if I touch my skin on my t-zone with some powder it still looks good at 3 in the afternoon. Since we have had hot weather recently this has been what I reach for as it feels so nice on the skin, and looks like I am not wearing anything at all. 

As the name says you can use it on your body too, so far I have on used it on bruises and any marks to conceal them and it works nicely, however I haven't gone as far as some who use it all over their legs, I don't think I would like how that feels.

Don't we all want to look as if we woke up this flawless? Then you need this!

The packaging is good too, a squeeze bottle so it is easy to control how much you pour out, just don't squeeze it too hard!! LOL I did and waaaay too much came out, not good! 

It retails for £23.00 and you get 120ml for your money, so compared to a-lot of other foundations it is good value for money. Now I have read that it separates quite quickly, and once it does you can't really use it any more. But like I said I have had this for for over 2 months and so far I have had no problems at all with this.

No doubt you have heard a-lot about this foundation recently, as a-lot of blogger's have purchased this lately! :)



Marilou said...

Have you tried it on your body though? I heard so many great reviews ,wanna try it

Anonymous said...

I watched a fab review on youtube today by lollipop26, (you probably already watch her), but I look forward to trying this product out too.

chiconomy said...

I think its great for those pesky tan lines I get this time of year I absoluteley love this stuff - glad you do too!

*Starsglittermagic* said...

great review =) i've always struggled with tinted moisturisers as well. i used urban decay urban defence this year but after all the great reviews on this one a might switch!xx

FloralFlow12 said...

Ohh wow i was thinking of gettingthat :) x

Beth. said...

This has made me want to try this foundation even more!! I think I am too scared to give up my fuller coverage foundations just yet, but all these rave reviews are starting to change my mind !

It would be great if you could check out my blog sometime :)