Thursday, 5 August 2010


- Make-up Forever Face and Body Foundation
- MAC MSF Natural
- Sleek MakeUP Bronze Glo

- MAC Jest eyeshadow
- MAC Carbon eyeshadow
- MAC Liquid eyeliner in black
- Clinique High Lengths mascara

- GOSH Darling lipstick
- 17 bee-hive lipstick

Since I am spending most of today with my granpa in hospital, I rushed and did this in the car on route to Glasgow, something easy for me to do and simple for daytime. Thankyou for all your wishes about my granpa, he is fighting strong right now but we just have to see if he lasts tonight.



Ana Cristina said...

:( i hope hes ok! :) and u look pretty x

Simarjit said...

ahh hope he gets better hun xxxx

Anonymous said...

I hope hes alright and makes a speedy recovery! x

Anonymous said...

You look very pretty, I hope your grandpa gets better soon! xxxx

Olivia said...

I hope he's ok! You look gorgeous as always! I tagged you for something on my blog! :) x

lineandree said...

Aww, sad to hear about your grandfather. There is nothing worse than someone you love, being sick.

Hope everything turns out well <3

Simply Naturale said...

:( i hope he gets better wising you and all of your family all the best and hope he makes a speedy recovery :)
Also could you follow me on twitter i have tweeted to you but i am aware you cannot see him because you do not follow me on there :(
Hope to be tweeting to you soon!

Eloise xoxo

almost famous said...

You look beautiful and hope your grandpa gets better :)

Francesca said...

Sending lots of love & prayers to your grandpa <333