Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Yummy berry cleansing wipes♥

Good Things Raspberry and Cranberry cleansing wipes.

Now from even just reading what they were called I instantly knew I would love them as I'm a huge lover of anything berry scented. They certainly did not let me down at all! They smell AMAZING, though it isn't a sickly scent, it is strong so if you aren't a fan of berry scents then steer clear. But what also impressed me and what I really love is the scent lasts on the skin for 20-30 mins after I have used them, when I use the Good Things night cream. The boyfriend loves this...

Boosting superfruit's for superskin! And impressively free from Parabens, mineral oils as well as many other things that we don't really need in out cosmetics.

The removes all my make-up, even the 5 tons of mascara I wear daily, whilst keeping my skin moisturised and soft. Normally I don't use wipes as they are either rubbish and it takes 5 to remove everything and even then there is still make-up left behind, and they tend to dry my skin out. I have been using these for over a week now ad my skin feels lovely, these have been a great addition into my skin routine.

Out of everything I like about these, what impresses me the most is that it only takes ONE wipe to remove all my make-up, which makes these great value for your money.

Tomorrow I am going to try and hunt this brand down in stores as my boots didn't have them before, as I am desperate to try the face mask and check out the rest if the range! I will as well be purchasing a back up or two of these wipes!



Simarjit said...

wow ive never heard of this brand.. is it only boots that do it.. will definitely need to go and check this line out :)

JadeyLou said...

I got the purifying cleanser last week, it smells AWESOME! And it does a good job of removing makeup with a little blob so hopefully it'll last a good while! Thinking about the night cream next....