Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Body Shop: Rainforest Hair Care♥

No doubt you will all have already read a lot of posts on the new hair range from The Body Shop, I was lucky enough to get the Rainforest Moisture products including the new Hair butter!  The main focus on the range is how Environmental friendly it is, when you wash your hair a lot of shampoo's and conditioner's aren't diluted when they reach the open water again, causing pollution which makes the little fish sad! But the fantastic thing about the new products is that there is no trace of the products, meaning the fish will love you for thinking about the ocean. If you choose to use the range you will no longer be shoving a ton of chemicals down the plug hole, it means the range is free from silicones, parabens, colourants and sulphates. Happy hair!

Some of you are immediately going to question how well the products work, I had the same doubts thinking it wouldn't clean my hair and leave it lank looking. However I was really impressed with the results, my hair has more volume, it has a glossy natural shine to it, and it really does inject a dose of moisture into my hair. My hair feels so smooth and soft after using the shampoo and conditioner.

When I was blow drying, and styling my hair wasn't frizzy or difficult to work with, my brush glided through my hair. Normally my hair is extremely knotted which damages my hair so much with all the brushes, so any products that give me a silky texture to my hair is a big plus. It also smells really nice, a floral scent, which is so pleasant in the shower (I love using scented hair products in a hot shower!)

Before trying the products, it had never crossed my mind to think about what chemicals I use on my hair. I am now open to healthier products for my hair. For the price of £6 for 400ml I will definitely be buying these again when I run out.

I also want to mention the new hair butter they also released, it nourishes your hair and since my hair is normally dry (the bad side of being blonde!) I really need products that will hydrate my hair to leave it soft and a lot of shine going on - which this does. When I apply this I like to leave it on for the duration of my shower, to let the steam really help it to penetrate my hair and get the best results. It washes out super easy, and I haven't had any issues with my hair feeling weighed down  or getting greasy. Just clean and silky.

For £8 you get 200ml, or 50ml for £3. Before they launched this I was already a fan of the old hair mask they did, so I'm chuffed they brought this yummy one out. There is no doubt at all that I will buy this again, in fact I'm heading into town tomorrow to pick up some bits this will be one of them! 

The new Rainforest range is truly a great range, one of the best hair ranges I have tried this year. If you want glossy healthy hair, whilst helping out the environment (and the little fishes) I recommend you hot foot it down to your local store and give this a go. 

Let me me know if you have tried it, what did you think? Or if you are going to give it a go!



dontcallmejessie said...

I'm really loving the Moisture range, too! Personally I think it has more of a honey/play-doh smell than a floral, but either way, it's lovely!

Hair Fall said...

Looking quite nice. Let me try for once.