Sunday, 19 September 2010

Xen Tan Deep Bronze Luxe

This is a rich and creamy, but a light lotion that gives a golden dark colour. The guide colour allows you to rest assured you won’t end up patchy, as you can easily spot any bits you have missed. It sinks in super quick so no standing around in silly positions, but just play about to get the right amount for your body.

It claims to be a “Once a week tan”, which certainly works well like that, however I love to use this in between  my Xen Tan Mousse or Dark lotion as a ‘top up’ to stop my tan going patchy or fading. The shea butter moisturises your skin whilst you tan, which is why I find it works perfect for keeping my tan perfect and my skin soft. Deep Bronze Luxe is also packed with Vitamin E and a whole host of anti-oxidants to really give your tan radiant boost.

As with all Xen Tan products it has that yummy vanilla scent, and you don’t have that horrible fake tan smell that repells men! However, if you sleep in this you will notice a slight scent but you get that with EVERY fake tanner, though this is no where near as strong!

If you find your tan quickly fades, goes patchy or streaks then you need this in your life to fix those pesky tanning problems. I find this fool proof, this has never turned streaky or orange on me.

RRP £25.95 
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Next up: Xen Tan Dark Mist!


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