Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Mummy MakeupLoveer Reviews!♥

I  decided it was time to give you a break from me reviewing things, and handed over a couple of things for my mum to have a go of and let us know what she thought.

Take it away Mummy MakeupLoveer...

Avene – gentle milk cleanser for dry and very dry sensitive skin

Great cleanser very effective with a lovely smell, had a bit too much residue after for my taste, you definitely need to use a toner after to get that clean feeling. It is quite a creamy cleanser and spreads quite well.

Lovea Bio – Monoi de Tahiti Hair masque

I’m kind of pulled in two directions with this hair masque. While it certainly improved how my hair looked after just the first use, I really didn’t like that it left my hair as if it had lots of product in it. After washing with my regular Aussie Hair shampoo, I used the hair masque, which didn’t come with any directions in English. As its quite a thick masque, I found I had to use quite a lot to get it through all my hair (and I have very thick hair). It smells quite nice nothing offensive  there, but once i had rinsed it out after a few minutes my hair felt rough, not its usually clean feeling at all.  During the drying  my hair felt sticky and although it left me with a nice sheen and had a definite improvement to my frizz, my hair felt as if I had dumped a load of mousse in it. So overall I’m afraid this gets my thumbs down, I’ll go back to my Aussie Hair Frizz miracle.

Jennifer x

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