Monday, 20 September 2010

Trilogy Rosehip Oil♥

Recently I have been on the hunt for the moisturise of my dreams, one that will fix all my skin problems. I decided to try oils after much research I realised that even with my oily skin I could still use them, as an extra treatment boost for my skin. Packed with Omega 3, 6 & 9, essential fatty acids and antioxidants all helping to restore optimum skin health. 

This is a great product my skin is always left plumped, hydrated, smooth and glowing, without feeling or looking greasy. Having combination skin I was so worried about using an oil in my routine, I had the normal preconceptions that it would leave my face a big greasy mess. Totally not the case. I apply this at night so it can really nourish my skin overnight and I don't have to worry about applying too much as no-one will see. 

Rosehip oil has so many benefits long lasting hydration, helps to plump out fine lines, reduces scarring and evening the skin tone. So it will please everyone. You can even use this on stretch marks, which I do have so have been slapping this on them and the results are great. After 4 weeks of use, just a tiny amount too, they are fading al ot better than any creams I have tried before.

You only need a tiny amount, I use 2 drops on my face. So this will last you a very long time, making it really great value for money.

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Beauty Addict said...

That sounds lovely! I have been using Clinique repairwear laser serum, I has been working fine, I'll know more after a month or so. I also like to use Lush Full of Grace serum, it's gorgeous!

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Rentu said...

this seems to be interesting