Thursday, 30 September 2010

Sigma E40 Review♥

This has been a firm favourite for me over the last few weeks, so this was next up on my list to write about it. It is their tapered blending brush, often this is compared to the MAC 224 because it is a large fluffy and covers a big surface area when used on the eyes.  It is a fabulous brush for blending out eye shadow, or buffing in concealer. I am so glad I have this plus my MAC 224 as I love to use it for both uses, no silly cleaning in between.

Compared to the 224 it works just the same, they are pretty much exactly the same. No need to say much more on it, as they do the same job. The only slight difference is the Sigma E40 is a little denser and far softer. 

Unlike other blending brushes this doesn't shed, or become miss shaped. Even after many washes it retains it's softness and shape, which it great as too many brushes lessen in quality after a certain amount of washes.

RRP $9.00 
Buy it HERE

What is your favourite Sigma brush?



Jess said...

I love reading posts about make up brushes as I'm slowly starting to expand my collection and I haven't got a clue where to start. I currently use The Body Shop make up brushes as they are a bit cheaper than others.


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I really want to try some of their brushes. Hoping to get them or christmas.

ellamarie84 said...

my favorite brush is this one, too! I might have an older version cause it's called the ss224, but it looks exactly the same. I use it for concealer, I like it better than the mac 224 cause it's a bit fluffier :)