Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Vichy NORMADERM Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care

Vichy released a new product a couple of months ago and I was interested straight away as it claimed to fix skin imperfections, specifically scarring from acne. The hydra-peel technology , combining LHA, Salicylic acid and Glycolic acid, the skin is exfoliated on multi levels, clears pores and reduces the bacteria that causes imperfections to the skin.

It claims to transform the imperfections on the skin in only 4 weeks, blemishes are gone, texture and tone become evened out. The skins epidermis is refined and smooth, excess oily/shiney patches is evened out and skin generally becomes healthy looking. 

Now onto my experiences, I have acne scarring along my jaw line that for the last two years I have reduced significantly using another brand, but at a cost. So this immediately jumped out to me for the price, and the quick turn around of events. My skin  was brighter and clearer in a week, but even after many weeks I still didn't see the promised change. I really hoped it was going to  be a miracle product that would save my skin and save me pennies too!  But it didn't live up to my high expectations, I really need to stop hyping products up before I use them.

In reality this is a good product but not a great product, my skins texture and tone was definitely changed, and I like the fact that the moisturiser can do this whilst hydrating my skin. As for my scarring it is softer, less cakey when I wear my foundation but less noticeable? I'm not convinced yet. This is still part of my routine and I'm going to use it all up! Hoping to see more changes. The multi level exfoliation definitely speeds up the natural cell turnover,  and brighten my skin. It has also meant I haven't needed to use an exfoliator as often as there hasn't been the normal 'build-up' of dull/dead skin cells. 

My favourite thing is how matte it keeps my skin, I don't need a primer when I wear this under my make-up. This is enough to keep me shine free. 

Overall - I think this would work better if you had 'new' imperfections, mine have been here for a couple of years so I think need a stronger treatment. But for someone who has recently had acne scarring and looking for something to fix it before it gets worse then this is for you. I am going to continue to use this, and hope that maybe does help my skin - but I have my doubts.

Priced at £11.50 
You can buy it in Boots stores or on-line HERE 

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Estefania Lovelifefashion said...

Nice review!!! I think it would be great for those people with few and new imperfections as you said ;)