Tuesday, 7 September 2010


So as you can see no make-up today! Not much of a FOTD but its so sunny today and my skin is looking really good that I don't think it needs anything today, I may pop some mascara on later, maybe. My hair is simple just down and straight, I have my extensions in, not that you can see though.

My tan is faux, and I use Xen tan (see my post/video HERE)

Dress - International only £15!

When I go out later I plan on pairing this with a chunky black knit to give a contrast to the floaty feminine dress. 



*Onna's Little Blog* said...

very pretty! Wish I had lovely skin like you x

Delilah said...

Oh god I'm going to sound like such a suck up, but I think you look really nice without make up. Maybe nicer than you do with ! Ahhh sorry so cheesy, but true. xo