Saturday, 25 September 2010

Clinique Superdefence♥

Another moisturiser post for you all :) Hopefully you are liking my journey through all these creams! This is one I have re-purchased a few times over the years, it is a firm favourite of mine. I'm loving being able to blog about Clinique, as you all know I wasn't allowed when I worked for the brand ! This isn't going to be a long post, just want to share my favourite things about this moisturiser.

(picture taken from Clinique's website)

What Clinique say:

"Skin's most complete defense against the visible signs of aging in a daily moisturiser. Arms it to fight the effects of emotional stress, which can damage skin with effects much like sun and pollution. Helps neutralise UVA and UVB."

Clinique is a Dermatologist developed brand, with the Clinique 'computer' and in depth personalised questions so the consultants are able to tailor a skin care routine that will work for you! All Clinique products are Allergy Tested 7,200 times on 600 people, with different skin types and if any one of those causes a reaction Clinique reformulate. Products are also fragrance free, what your smelling is the products nothing artificial masking the natural scent.

One of the key things is to make sure your skin is fully hydrated, dehydration can cause early fine line, dullness to your complexion and leaving you looking (and feeling) tired. Superdefence comes in 2 formulations (Dry/Combination & Combination/Oily) to make sure everyone skin type is covered. Both are light weight moisturisers, although I find the Dry/Combination slightly thicker in texture, not in how it feels on your skin. It provides long lasting hydration, whilst controlling the oil and helping to regulate your skins moisture barrier which is the key to healthy skin. 

It provides a great base for foundation. I find when I use this I don't need a primer or any type of base, as the moisturiser sinks in and the oil doesn't break through my make-up during the day. My skin always feels a dream when I use this, haven't found another match up yet.

Age Defence! It has a great SPF of 25 which is pretty high for a day time moisturiser, and gives the protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Just in-case you didn't know, UVA - Are the rays that cause the break down of cells in the skin causing ageing, UVB - Are the rays that cause the skin to burn. Again a great thing to have in your moisturiser, it is crucial you wear an SPF during the day. Not just on your face, any skin that's exposed ladies! 80-90% of premature ageing is due to UVA & UVB rays, even when you think your safe from the sun chances are those rays are still bouncing about causing accidental damage to your skin. This really helps to protect the skin from both so fight off ageing and keeping your skin healthy.

The best thing about Superdefence and it's night time partner Super rescue is the effect they have on your skin, your skin is left glowing and brightened. Now when I was on training this was something I raised as I wanted to know why or what created this, and my trainer (fabulous as she was) couldn't give me a specific answer but told us it was most likely due to the many the cocktail of anti-oxidants that are great for the working of your skin. I really love it, there isn't a moisturiser out there that I have found to give me the same kind of results. It really gives a glow from within the skin.

A-lot of people claim this helps to make the skin clearer, and I wouldn't necessarily agree with that I would say it brightens the skin which gives the illusion of a clearer complexion. Because it hydrated the skin, and locks that moisture in the skin.

At the very least you need to go and ask for a sample, give it a go and let me know how it worked for you.

Next moisturiser - Liz Earle Skin Repair Light!


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Renay Shanel said...

I love this line of products, they never fail me :)