Saturday, 4 September 2010

Clinique Lip Smoothie♥

When I worked for Clinique a while ago I was obsessed with these lip glosses, and to this day I still am. This provides you with moisturised glossy lips, packed with vitamin C and anti-oxidants it is helping to condition your lips inside as-well.

My two favourite colours are 'Pink me up' and 'Nude-tritious', depending on how much you apply you can either get a sheer finish or you can build it up a little to give you more colour. The formulation also means they aren't sticky to wear, but surprisingly they have good staying power, I find they last longer than my MAC glosses - pretty great stuff! The colours do look dark at first, but again it all depends on how you apply, the more you put on the more true that colour will become, if you apply less you just get the gorgeous wash of colour, giving a nice tint to your lips.

The easy built in brush makes applying simple and quick, meaning you can throw it into a handbag without the need for a lip brush, or even a mirror if I'm honest. Just in-case your wondering it is the same packaging of their Hero product Airbrush Concealer, another great product from them.

Clinique launched some new colours recently, and I am loving the look of, 'Pear-Perfection', 'Peach Power', and 'Strawberry Fudge'. Plus they sound so yummy!!

I have a 'favourite lip gloss' post this weekend, in which you can see how the two I mention look on my lips!


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