Tuesday, 7 September 2010


It has been a while since I've done this type of post! I enjoy reading these and I enjoy writing them so I may start doing a weekly post? If you do this type of post link me up in the comments, or if you know any good blogs? :)


♥ Xen Tan Transform Luxe - The best gradual tan I have found, gives me a golden tan that I build up over a few days. Plus it smells yummy.

♥ Essie nail polishes - I am loving essie, the only reason I never purchased any before was that I didn't have a location near but thanks to blogs I have a huge selection to go to for swatches! A new addiction has been created..

♥ Matalan - Loving the homeware and some of the clothes look really nice too, Matalan is such fabulous value for money too. I also started their rewards card today too so I get even more discounts!

♥ Candles - Currently in my house I have around 15 candles, there is always one burning the bathroom and living room. I love vanilla and fruity scented ones, if I see a pretty candle I will no doubt buy it. In matalan they have a huge pink rose candle for £6! Sadly they only had the display one :(

♥ Statement lipstick - Trying to break out of my nude lips, reds and bright pinks are my colours of choice, next step do I dare wear them out of the house? 


♥ Fall - Bring back summer please?

♥ Being sick - Still. Sick.

♥ Cosmetic reactions - Body lotions seem to make my skin break out into rashes, only started to happen this year, so weird!

♥ Bleach blonde - Dare I say I might go slightly darker, more caramel maybe, shall see what happens.

♥ Operations - Going for one on the 17th, slightly scared to go under again.



Charlotte said...

Iam loving pink lipsticks recently! Also i think iv fallen in love with Xen Tan..i use the deep bronze and the smell is amazing!! x

felicityxoxo said...

I'm trying to don non nude lippies too, i'm sure i'll have the guts to wear it out one day, hehe!

Good luck for your op and i hope you start getting better soon my love!


♡♡ Emily said...

Hope you finally get better and never have to go back to hospital again, poor thing. - Love your blog xx