Thursday, 30 September 2010

Sigma E40 Review♥

This has been a firm favourite for me over the last few weeks, so this was next up on my list to write about it. It is their tapered blending brush, often this is compared to the MAC 224 because it is a large fluffy and covers a big surface area when used on the eyes.  It is a fabulous brush for blending out eye shadow, or buffing in concealer. I am so glad I have this plus my MAC 224 as I love to use it for both uses, no silly cleaning in between.

Compared to the 224 it works just the same, they are pretty much exactly the same. No need to say much more on it, as they do the same job. The only slight difference is the Sigma E40 is a little denser and far softer. 

Unlike other blending brushes this doesn't shed, or become miss shaped. Even after many washes it retains it's softness and shape, which it great as too many brushes lessen in quality after a certain amount of washes.

RRP $9.00 
Buy it HERE

What is your favourite Sigma brush?


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Boots Must Have Fragrances

Introducing autumn’s three must-have fragrances  - exclusively at Boots

Summer might have come to an end, but here at Boots, we have the hottest fragrances to keep you smelling sweet this autumn.

It’s all about the rock and roll lifestyle at the moment and Tommy Hilfiger’s Loud For Him and Her (25ml, 40ml and 75ml) £19, £27, £39 screams adrenaline with an explosive rock and roll rose and a touch of patchouli. With a bottle inspired by a vinyl record and a lid resembling the dial of a record player, this fragrance is on track to be a no1.

For those with a sense of adventure, DNKY City (100ml) £30 captures the spirit of today’s urban woman. Even the bottle is inscripted with New York landmarks and destinations, synonymous with the energy and buzz of city. Day or night - this sexy new scent will take you on a daring and exhilarating journey.

Britney is back! Her fifth perfume, radiance Britney Spears (30ml/50ml) £22/£28 is a captivating and sensual floral aroma which embodies Britney’s confident and alluring personality – perfect for the woman who decides her own fate and fortune.

Need help deciding which fragrance best suits your style? No problem, just pop in store and speak to one of our fragrance advisors who will be able to match your unique personality to your most suited scent.

Sign up today or don’t forget to use your Boots Advantage Card and receive 4 points for every pound you spend in store.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Skin concerns ? Skin care ? ♥

Recently I have really wanted to do a series on skin types, concerns, products and anything really. I have a few ideas of what I want to cover, right from basics to more in depth. But I'd love it if you guys asked the questions, or told me what you want to know more about, I really wanna put my knowledge to use and I think it would be a really helpful feature to write. I'll split it all into different skin types/concerns so you can just click on what is relevant to you! No need to read through stuff that isn't of interest to you and your skin.

So leave what you want to know about in the comments below, and I shall get to work.


Saturday, 25 September 2010


Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse
ELF Mineral Booster - Shimmer
NYX Blush - Cinnamon

28 Neutral palette (Ebay)
Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara
Max Factor Liquid Liner - Brown

Barry M Lipstick - 101 & 147

Straight!  With a little movement, I just woke up brushed it out and voilà, sorry guys can't tell you much about it.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone!


Clinique Superdefence♥

Another moisturiser post for you all :) Hopefully you are liking my journey through all these creams! This is one I have re-purchased a few times over the years, it is a firm favourite of mine. I'm loving being able to blog about Clinique, as you all know I wasn't allowed when I worked for the brand ! This isn't going to be a long post, just want to share my favourite things about this moisturiser.

(picture taken from Clinique's website)

What Clinique say:

"Skin's most complete defense against the visible signs of aging in a daily moisturiser. Arms it to fight the effects of emotional stress, which can damage skin with effects much like sun and pollution. Helps neutralise UVA and UVB."

Clinique is a Dermatologist developed brand, with the Clinique 'computer' and in depth personalised questions so the consultants are able to tailor a skin care routine that will work for you! All Clinique products are Allergy Tested 7,200 times on 600 people, with different skin types and if any one of those causes a reaction Clinique reformulate. Products are also fragrance free, what your smelling is the products nothing artificial masking the natural scent.

One of the key things is to make sure your skin is fully hydrated, dehydration can cause early fine line, dullness to your complexion and leaving you looking (and feeling) tired. Superdefence comes in 2 formulations (Dry/Combination & Combination/Oily) to make sure everyone skin type is covered. Both are light weight moisturisers, although I find the Dry/Combination slightly thicker in texture, not in how it feels on your skin. It provides long lasting hydration, whilst controlling the oil and helping to regulate your skins moisture barrier which is the key to healthy skin. 

It provides a great base for foundation. I find when I use this I don't need a primer or any type of base, as the moisturiser sinks in and the oil doesn't break through my make-up during the day. My skin always feels a dream when I use this, haven't found another match up yet.

Age Defence! It has a great SPF of 25 which is pretty high for a day time moisturiser, and gives the protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Just in-case you didn't know, UVA - Are the rays that cause the break down of cells in the skin causing ageing, UVB - Are the rays that cause the skin to burn. Again a great thing to have in your moisturiser, it is crucial you wear an SPF during the day. Not just on your face, any skin that's exposed ladies! 80-90% of premature ageing is due to UVA & UVB rays, even when you think your safe from the sun chances are those rays are still bouncing about causing accidental damage to your skin. This really helps to protect the skin from both so fight off ageing and keeping your skin healthy.

The best thing about Superdefence and it's night time partner Super rescue is the effect they have on your skin, your skin is left glowing and brightened. Now when I was on training this was something I raised as I wanted to know why or what created this, and my trainer (fabulous as she was) couldn't give me a specific answer but told us it was most likely due to the many the cocktail of anti-oxidants that are great for the working of your skin. I really love it, there isn't a moisturiser out there that I have found to give me the same kind of results. It really gives a glow from within the skin.

A-lot of people claim this helps to make the skin clearer, and I wouldn't necessarily agree with that I would say it brightens the skin which gives the illusion of a clearer complexion. Because it hydrated the skin, and locks that moisture in the skin.

At the very least you need to go and ask for a sample, give it a go and let me know how it worked for you.

Next moisturiser - Liz Earle Skin Repair Light!


Thursday, 23 September 2010

Sigma F80 Review♥

Sigma have really out done themselves with the F80 Flat top kabuki brush, it is one of the best make-up brushes out there right now! It is definitely the jewel in the beautiful Sigma Crown.

I find this brush so multi-purpose it works perfectly with liquid, cream, powder or mineral foundation and it is amazing for bronzer too - it makes contouring look natural like you were born with chiselled cheek bones . It blends and buffs any product into your skin so well, you don't need to worry about having 'cakey' or 'thick' foundation. For me this kicks all my other foundation brushes out of the water.

The reason I feel it works so well is the density of the brush, the bristles are packed in there tight but it still gives the right amount of movement to make make-up application easy peasy whilst giving a flawless soft finish. It also means unlike a lot of other foundation brushes it won't absorb your foundation or liquid make-up into it, saving you from wasting or using excess product. 

(excuse my brush being dirty I just used it!)

For a synthetic brush it is incredibly soft, something you can say about the majority of Sigma's brushes. When I first opened my package I couldn't stop running this over my face, it is soft and dreamy on your skin. Unlike other brushes the shedding is minimal, I have washed this a few time and haven't had more than a hair or two come out, impressive!

I'm sure you can all tell by now how much I love this brush! For me it has given me the airbrushed look that I've longed for the MAC 187 to give me, it distributes my foundation easily over my skin, buffing it into my pores along the way to help them to look smaller (almost not even there!).

But above everything else the best feature of this brush has to be the price, $16.00, much cheaper than a MAC brush yet works much better than some of my MAC brushes! Definitely a brush everyone needs to invest in.

Hop, skip and jump over to Sigma Makeup to get yours now.


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Clinique Christmas - My picks♥

Every since I worked for Clinique I have always bought their christmas sets, either as a present for a loved one or a little treat for myself. After looking at the press releases for this years line up, I thought I would show you the 3 that I will be purchasing this year.
Aromatics Elixir Candle Set
Created in the 1970’s, this aromatherapy scent continues to be a fragrance phenomenon. The ambient, aromatic and stimulating notes of this iconic scent have been encapsulated in the form of three miniature candles. The perfect way to light a winter evening.

• Three Mini Aromatics Elixir Candles


Skin Care Greats
Visits to family and friends this Christmas have been made a little easier with Clinique. Skin is left polished and party ready with a healthy glow whether at home or away.
• Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator, 200ml

• Deep Comfort Body Moisture, 200ml
• Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator, 40ml
• Deep Comfort Body Moisture, 40ml


Kisses from the Heart
Send kisses from the heart this holiday season with Happy Heart, a full bodied, floral fragrance, accompaniedby the complimentary Happy Heart Body Cream and exclusive key chain with two mini Long Last GlosswearSPF 15 shades in party perfect pinks.

• Clinique Happy Perfume Spray, 50ml
• Mini Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Air Kiss, 1ml
• Mini Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Clearly Pink, 1ml
• Festive Two-Toned Round Pink Keyring


Double the Kisses
Get your lips mistletoe ready this Christmas with a choice of three corresponding double-ended lipstick and lipgloss duos.
• Double-Ended Different Lipstick in Raspberry Glace, 1.3g/Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Kissyfit, 4.5ml

• Double-Ended Different Lipstick in Double Fudge, 1.3g/Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Sunset, 4.5ml
• Double-Ended Different Lipstick in Tenderheart, 1.3g/Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Air Kiss, 4.5ml


Available nationwide from October 2010
Buy online at Clinique


Monday, 20 September 2010

Trilogy Rosehip Oil♥

Recently I have been on the hunt for the moisturise of my dreams, one that will fix all my skin problems. I decided to try oils after much research I realised that even with my oily skin I could still use them, as an extra treatment boost for my skin. Packed with Omega 3, 6 & 9, essential fatty acids and antioxidants all helping to restore optimum skin health. 

This is a great product my skin is always left plumped, hydrated, smooth and glowing, without feeling or looking greasy. Having combination skin I was so worried about using an oil in my routine, I had the normal preconceptions that it would leave my face a big greasy mess. Totally not the case. I apply this at night so it can really nourish my skin overnight and I don't have to worry about applying too much as no-one will see. 

Rosehip oil has so many benefits long lasting hydration, helps to plump out fine lines, reduces scarring and evening the skin tone. So it will please everyone. You can even use this on stretch marks, which I do have so have been slapping this on them and the results are great. After 4 weeks of use, just a tiny amount too, they are fading al ot better than any creams I have tried before.

You only need a tiny amount, I use 2 drops on my face. So this will last you a very long time, making it really great value for money.

Buy it HERE


Sunday, 19 September 2010

Xen Tan Deep Bronze Luxe

This is a rich and creamy, but a light lotion that gives a golden dark colour. The guide colour allows you to rest assured you won’t end up patchy, as you can easily spot any bits you have missed. It sinks in super quick so no standing around in silly positions, but just play about to get the right amount for your body.

It claims to be a “Once a week tan”, which certainly works well like that, however I love to use this in between  my Xen Tan Mousse or Dark lotion as a ‘top up’ to stop my tan going patchy or fading. The shea butter moisturises your skin whilst you tan, which is why I find it works perfect for keeping my tan perfect and my skin soft. Deep Bronze Luxe is also packed with Vitamin E and a whole host of anti-oxidants to really give your tan radiant boost.

As with all Xen Tan products it has that yummy vanilla scent, and you don’t have that horrible fake tan smell that repells men! However, if you sleep in this you will notice a slight scent but you get that with EVERY fake tanner, though this is no where near as strong!

If you find your tan quickly fades, goes patchy or streaks then you need this in your life to fix those pesky tanning problems. I find this fool proof, this has never turned streaky or orange on me.

RRP £25.95 
Buy it HERE

Next up: Xen Tan Dark Mist!


Friday, 17 September 2010

Skin care wish list ♥

BLISS Pore-Fector Gadget £125
Seems like an amazing gadget for getting all the deep grime out of my pores, sounds like an all-round fabulous product. Lusting after this!

BLISS Clog Dissolving cleansing milk £20
I am always on the look out for the next best cleanser and this sounds good for brightening and clearing my skin whilst giving it a good cleanse. 

BLISS Triple Oxygen + C energizing cream £45
Recently I've read a couple of rave reviews of this, so of course I want to give this ago. Bliss describe this really well, "This lightweight gel-cream is formulated with a trio of oxygen ingredients and an advanced form of vitamin C to revive fatigued, sallow, stressed skin and give it that just-stepped-out-of-the-shower sheen"

Clarisonic £195
Think this speaks for itself, everyone know how great this is and I'm saving up.

Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt £29
I saw this on Sarah's blog and it has been on my wish list for about a month, I've never tried a body oil before plus it has coconut in it! I just love coconut scents!

Tell me what's on your list?


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Vichy NORMADERM Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care

Vichy released a new product a couple of months ago and I was interested straight away as it claimed to fix skin imperfections, specifically scarring from acne. The hydra-peel technology , combining LHA, Salicylic acid and Glycolic acid, the skin is exfoliated on multi levels, clears pores and reduces the bacteria that causes imperfections to the skin.

It claims to transform the imperfections on the skin in only 4 weeks, blemishes are gone, texture and tone become evened out. The skins epidermis is refined and smooth, excess oily/shiney patches is evened out and skin generally becomes healthy looking. 

Now onto my experiences, I have acne scarring along my jaw line that for the last two years I have reduced significantly using another brand, but at a cost. So this immediately jumped out to me for the price, and the quick turn around of events. My skin  was brighter and clearer in a week, but even after many weeks I still didn't see the promised change. I really hoped it was going to  be a miracle product that would save my skin and save me pennies too!  But it didn't live up to my high expectations, I really need to stop hyping products up before I use them.

In reality this is a good product but not a great product, my skins texture and tone was definitely changed, and I like the fact that the moisturiser can do this whilst hydrating my skin. As for my scarring it is softer, less cakey when I wear my foundation but less noticeable? I'm not convinced yet. This is still part of my routine and I'm going to use it all up! Hoping to see more changes. The multi level exfoliation definitely speeds up the natural cell turnover,  and brighten my skin. It has also meant I haven't needed to use an exfoliator as often as there hasn't been the normal 'build-up' of dull/dead skin cells. 

My favourite thing is how matte it keeps my skin, I don't need a primer when I wear this under my make-up. This is enough to keep me shine free. 

Overall - I think this would work better if you had 'new' imperfections, mine have been here for a couple of years so I think need a stronger treatment. But for someone who has recently had acne scarring and looking for something to fix it before it gets worse then this is for you. I am going to continue to use this, and hope that maybe does help my skin - but I have my doubts.

Priced at £11.50 
You can buy it in Boots stores or on-line HERE 

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

ELF Mineral Booster♥

The lovely Oxford Jasmine kindly sent me some ELF products to try as I had never tried anything from the brand before. She picked some really great products for me, I was really chuffed when I saw this in the parcel.

This comes sheer, shimmer and tinted, I have the shimmer version. With vitamins A, B and E to promote healthier smooth skin, with a "photo finishing touch" all whilst absorbing oil and minimizing fine line and pores. Sounds like a all round wonder product, but does it work? Yes. When I opened this I didn't even realise this was the 'shimmer' versions, it is so finely milled that there isn't any visible shimmer/glitter particles it's just there. I don't think I could call it shimmer, it's more a glow, I'm finding this hard to describe.. It's one of those powders that just had that illuminating like quality within the particles instead of them mixing in the powder and then mixing in the shimmer too. Does that make sense? I hope so.

As for controlling oil this works a dream, it has become my HG powder and I haven't used another products since I opened this. It leaves my skin shine free, smooth and silky. Some powders can leave my pores visible but this seems to mask them

I have been so impressed with what I have tried from ELF so far, and will be placing an order for some more of their studio line soon.


The Body Shop: Big and Curvy Mascara♥

So you have seen like 10000x reviews of this mascara, it was launched some time ago but I wanted to leave it a while before I tried it so that you aren't sick to the teeth reading the same thing over and over.

The mascara claims to give 9 times more 'volume and incredible curl', with a formula that coats each lash from the root to tip, meaning you get a wide eye look with each lash being coated. Does it live up to these claims? For me it did, after reading a few negative reviews saying this did nothing and got gloopy black stuff in your eyes, I wasn't looking forward to trying this at all. However, I got long fluttery lashes, and that stayed curled for a decent amount of time. This has become a favourite of mine, along with my HG Clinique High Lengths.

It doesn't give me amazing volume, but enough to satisfy my needs for thick lashes. 

The brush is really thin, and long which is what I credit to giving the length. I really like it as it gets really close into my lash roots, and is thin enough that it can reach into my inner corner to get all those fiddly lashes that are a pain to get!

Will I re-purchase? I want to say yes, but at £10 I'm just not convinced it is fully worth that.


Eyeko - Extra Glow♥

This was the first cream from Eyeko I had used, it's the new LE of their glow cream, it has finely milled shimmer. It looks lovely on the cheeks, no chunky glitter no obvious highlight, it sinks in and gives a natural lit from within look. 

If this was in a tube I think it would be much better, the tub is kinda messy and gets products everywhere. Eyeko maybe consider re-packaging? If they were to then I would definitely re-purchase this, but in the tub? I  don't think so.


Monday, 13 September 2010

MAC Giveaway♥

## NOTE: Giveaway has been extended until the end of the month just have some personal things I'm dealing with right not, I'll announce the winner on the last day of the month. Hope you all don't mind too much! I'll throw in an extra ##

So I am in a rather fabulous mood right now, and I thought it was time I did a giveaway! For what I hear you ask?... I will be giving a lucky subbie 2 MAC eye shadows and a MAC lipstick of their choice! As well as some other goodies  I will throw in just cause I love ya' 

This will be open to everyone, internationally too so noone is left out!!

The giveaway will end in one month on Wednesday 13th October 2010 at midnight in the UK

- You must be a follower of my blog!
- You must be 16 or above (or under 16 if your parents are ok with you giving your name and address out!)
- Tell me in the comment what shades you would choose if you win and why!
- If you tweet about the giveaway you will get 2 extra entries - but you must follow me on twitter @MakeupLoveer or I won't see the tweet!! Remember to let me know in the comment too!
- If you put a link on your blog or do a post you will get another 2 extra entries -Remember to let me know in the comment too!
- Include a contact email so if you win I can reach you

So I think that's all! Good luck to everyone.. spread the word!


This week... Sigma Review♥

After a couple of weeks using the Pink Brush Set my first lot of brush reviews will be going up this week! 
Just a heads up... I'm in love!


Lipstick Loves - YSL & Lime Crime♥

It's been a while since I shared what lipsticks I have been loving, and the past couple of weeks there have been four that have stayed firmly on my lips! YSL 13 & 26 and Lime Crime 'Great Pink Planet' and Cosmopop. They are all pretty 'statement' colours that would be the focus of the make-up, which is how I wore them, simple eyes and colourful luscious lips :)

If you want some snaps on my smackers let me know!! 


Saturday, 11 September 2010

Beauty Blog Link Love - 11.09.10♥

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