Friday, 27 May 2011

Bath time ♥

I have spoken about these two lovely products before, however after purchasing them again I couldn't wait to have a bubble bath with them! To be honest I hadn't had a bubble bath in 6 weeks, strictly showers I just couldn't find a decent bubble bath.

Melt Away Naked - Starflower foam bath  is jam packed essential fatty acids that help to restore your skins protective barrier and slow signs of ageing down. Now I still can't say if this is true - I'm on 19! But not a bad claim from a bubble bath eh? It doesn't give copious amounts of bubbles but I like that too many and I find myself irritated by them. I love this for how silky and soft my skin feels after I step out the bath, and the gorgeous scent is a bonus too.

300ml £3.99

Love me naked - Rose body wash  does exactly what it says on the tin, filled with rose extracts and anti oxidents to protect and soothe the skin, it is a lovely light but effective body wash for the bath or shower. What keeps me coming back to this is the scent! 

250ml £3.99

Two of my fave products to use for a lovely relaxing bath, candles are optional but highly recommended.


Jessica Beautician said...

Never tried these before, they look lovely, I've tried the shampoo and conditioner from this range though!

G A B Y said...

Wish we had this brand here!