Tuesday, 3 May 2011

He-Shi Dark Mousse♥

Hi ladies, since I'm away I can't see everything I usually do on my blogger page, and by the looks of things 4 posts haven't gone live. I can't do much at the moment as I'm blogging from my mobile but I am going to pop up a couple of them again in the hopes its works this time!
Xen Tan and He-Shi are my two favourite tanning brands, over the last few months He-Shi has really impressed me with the express liquid tan easily taking the No1 spot in tanning for me. When He-Shi launched their new dark mousse I couldn't wait to give that a whirl, I do prefer a mousse formulation as I find it dries quicker and is less messy in application.

The new He-Shi dark mousse can be used for both your face and body, meaning no fussing about with extra tanners for your face! It gives you a rich golden colour instantly when you apply, now it does go on dark but don't be alarmed that is just the guide colour, once you shower it off you are left with a gorgeous golden streak free colour. Once you have washed the colour off and if you aren't quite happy with how 'dark' it is, you can always apply a second layer to really intensify it and get a deep bronzed tan. I personally apply a second layer as this is when the mousse comes into its own in terms of colour.

Like with most mousse self tanners, it is quick to apply, fool proof in terms of streaking and easy to apply using either mitts or gloves (I prefer He-Shi mitts the best I've tried). 

The quality of He-Shi tanners is fabulous, I've never had a problem with them and like I have mentioned many many times the He-Shi Express Liquid tan is my must have tanning product.

Have you tried He-Shi? What is your favourite product from the brand?

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selina said...

i totally agree with this review! i'm a die hard xen tan girl but got given this stuff and tried it out today and i'm SO impressed. much darker than xen tan.

going to try out putting an extra layer on tonight after i've showered this off, as per your recommendation :) x