Friday, 6 May 2011

Still wearing my Halo ♥

You will have already seen this picture a few weeks back, but its seems to be the last picture I took with my hair down with my gorgeous Halo hair extensions in. I've had a couple comments recently about my hair, so I wanted to do a little up date post for you all. Yes the majority of my hair is extensions my hair falls to 'boob level' but never seems to grow so I rely on hair extensions. I have tried countless brands, some good and some terrible but I seem to have finally settled on a great brand with Halo.

I've had my Halo hair extensions for AGES now and to my surprise (and delight) they are still going very strong. They are keeping really nicely, I use gentle shampoo and a deep conditioner whenever I wash them, leave them to dry naturally and always using protective styling products.

I need to invest in a new shade as the colour I have is a touch to dark for me so I will need to work out the colour I have so I can get a lighter shade.They blend effortlessly with my own hair, I think I'm shade #60 or #613, halo hair extensions are definitely my favourite brand. 

Have you tried Halo extensions, do you love them as well?

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