Friday, 6 May 2011

Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair ♥

Having such blonde hair means my up keep is hard, trips to get it coloured and too many products I use to keep it soft and maintain the colour - tryna keep that horrible yellow brassy colour at bay is hard! So any products that aim to keep my blonde blonde I will give a go, which means I have lots of products specifically for blonde hair and half don't do anything.

So step up Bumble and Bumbles colour support shampoo & conditioner for cool blondes, silver and white hair. The shampoo is formulated with a low pH, it is a very mild cleanse which means it doesn't strip your hair too much (the last thing I need is my hair being stripped of oils making it dryer), when I first used this I was worried it wasn't cleaning my hair very well as it doesn't foam up like most other shampoos do but there was no need to worry it did a great job and my hair didn't feel knotted or dry after I washed the shampoo out. 

The shampoo is purple toned, in simple terms it neutralizes oxidation that gives blonde hair a tint of yellow. It certainly has kept the brassy tones away since my hair was recoloured, normally I'd see a little bit of it creeping in by now but not since I've introduced these products.

I really like this shampoo, I've used 4/5 other branded shampoos claiming to do similar things but none have lived up to packaging claims like this one. The packaging is really nice too, I prefer the pump bottle instead of squeezy tubes it doesn't create the same mess and when I travelled they didn't leak unlike tubes which 9/10 spill everywhere =/

Onto the colour support conditioner...

This conditioner leaves my hair very soft and creates a beautiful sheen. It is deeply moisturising I've been using less conditioner recently as well, usually I go through conditioner very quickly so this is good value too as you only need a little bit. If used over time with the shampoo it helps to keep the gold brass tones well at bay, I think I've found my new favourite shampoo and conditioner :)

I highly recommend Bumble and Bumble colour support shampoo and conditioner they have done a fab job with my hair, I really enjoy using them. 

Look out for my haircare routine video featuring these, it's loading to youtube (again) right now!

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